Modern Science

If you do some research on the history of science you will find some of the most mind boggling and fascinating facts. The basic nature of human curiosity, patience, determination and most importantly time has helped 'science' to reach this far. The science we know now is the collaborative effort of the countless individuals that dared to question themselves and were not afraid to fail. Modern science is the gift of the human brains which only believed what could be proven through countless experiments.

In today's world, science is the true religion and the scientists are the priests who frees us from chain of mystery. Religion and faith are necessary to sustain life but it is just a easy way to answer the questions whereas science is the hard way which might fail sometimes but does not make the claim to know something if it does not have exact facts. Some religious people reading this might have different views about this issue, Science vs Religion. But whatever your view might be, remember this:
"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind"
- Albert Einstein

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