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Issac Newton

Well, almost every person on this age who has had some form of basic education knows this man. The man who discovered gravity. Newton was one of the key figures of the scientific revolution. His book 'Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy' can be considered as the base of modern science. He was not just a fellow of the royal society but also served as the President from 1703 to 1727.
The list of Newton's scientific formulas and principles have influenced almost every subject known to science. Newton was born in 1642 when there were no strong scientific theories to explain the workings of the cosmos. Those were the days when 'god' was everything. GOD was the only explanation they had. Newton was not different from any other people back then, he was a god loving man as well. But he was a natural genius. He had a knack for mathematics and could write the laws of physics in perfect mathematical sentences. His work and theories were so convincing that is explaine…

Edmond Halley

Edmond Halley was an English astronomer/scientist. A few of you might have heard of his name. The famous comet which can be seen every 75 years(approx) is named after him, Halley's Comet.  He became a fellow of the Royal Society in 1678. This guy is so cool that a comet has been named after him.

x He is famous for his works with Issac Newton and Robert Hooke. Without him, the base of modern science,Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, would still be unpublished. At the time Newton was afraid that Robert Hooke would steal his ideas like he did with his earlier work. So, he kept it a secret until Halley came to him with some questions. Newton claimed that he had all the mathematical proofs of the cosmos but Halley did not believe him. After few days a letter was delivered to Halley's home containing the first few opening page of modern science. It contained universal laws of the motion,gravity for the whole cosmos. He knew this was ground breaking stuff and requested New…

Jan Oort

Jan Hendrik Oort was a Dutch astronomer whose work in the field of astronomy and the understand of the milky way was crucial. He is regarded as one of the greatest astronomers of the 20th Century. He was one the Foreign Fellow of the Royal Society from 1959.

There exists a swarm of ice and rocks 1 light year form the sun held together by gravity. These remains are the preserved reminiscence form the birth of the solar system. This cloud was named after him and now known as the 'Oort Cloud'. Jan Oort foretold its existence back in 1950. He was doing research about comets, how they die and their origin. Many astronomers at that time were curious about where all the comets come from. Oort calculated the rate at which the comets appeared and concluded that there must be a vast spherical swam of them few light years across surround a sun. He was right even after all the discovery about the solar system and the comets. Not only this, he was also able to calculate the distance betwe…