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Every human on this planet earth, at least once, has gazed into the moon. Some might take that chunk of rock orbiting our planet as the symbol of the vastness of the universe. Or, some may look at moon to make them remember that the problems they face in their daily life is insignificant compared to the scheme of the cosmos. But only a few realizes that the moon is the window to our past. It may not be very notable but when you gaze into the moon, you are looking 1 second into the past. In scientific terms, the moon is 1.28 light second away form the earth. Similarly, if you could see the planet Neptune, you would be seeing 4 hours into the past;the sun is just 8 light minutes way. Just imagine what this means of a grand scale of the universe.

This might imply that time travel may be possible after all. All the observations made till now have been based on the light produced by a far away star which reached earth through time. There are still millions of light that are yet to reach o…


Everything has a beginning. But how did everything begin? What was there before something? You may have been curious to know everything, or not. This post is for the sages who are restless deep down to know everything. However, if you think you know everything, you know nothing and if you think you know nothing, you know something.
To give answers to these fundamental questions, researchers and scientists have traced back space-time to 15 Billion years ago, The Big Bang. To put thing into context, far beyond 4004 BC, the date of the creation of the universe according to the book of Genesis. You may have noticed the word ‘Singularity’ somewhere. Singularity is the point in time where properties like density, temperature and gravity is infinite and the essence of physics does not hold.  Singularity was followed by the Big Bang which is the dominant cosmological model for the universe as we know it. If someone comes up with a better theory which successfully overlaps with the observations…


WE,humans, have been existing in this planet which we call home for some 200 thousand years according to our time. As space-time took its course, the astonishing power of the human brain has always been curious about the  anatomy of the cosmic universe.Many brilliant minds have tried to solve the "question" but as we get close to the answer the question changes; call it beautiful or call it haunting.We just have to bow down to what ever we find.

These 'bit's of information which are to follow weekly is a small step of a complex biological atom failing to encapsulate the ideas and observations of the universe made throughout the journey of self discovery. I hope this is worth your time & I wish this blog sparks your curiosity to explore more regarding these topics.
“We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” -Carl SaganP.s. Many ideas and words have been inspired by some authors, artists, philosophers, scientists and TV shows. I do not claim all these to be my own…